What is makeup primer ? How to apply it on face

What is makeup primer How to apply it on face

What is makeup primer ? How to apply it on face

Some people do makeup and some people do it if necessary. Makeup has become a daily companion for women no matter what their needs or hobbies are. Women have to do makeup from office in the morning to night party. And to make this makeup easier, various brands have arranged different materials. So many brands, so many materials, the goal of all this is one – to make yourself beautiful. Among the hundreds of makeup ingredients, there are some ingredients without which makeup is impossible. These ingredients are needed to make makeup beautiful. Primer is an ingredient that will make your makeup perfect and beautiful. Although many people hear the name primer, many people have a vague idea about its use and necessity. Today’s feature will clear all the ideas. Take a look now.

Overall discussion of primer use :

What is a primer?

Everyone knows the name of the primer. But what is this primer? The primer creates a layer between your skin and makeup. It protects the skin from using direct makeup. Use a primer before makeup to keep the skin healthy. It acts as skin insurance. Just what is it? Primer is used to smooth the beige of the face and hide various spots on the skin. Primer has been gaining popularity among makeup lovers for several years. There are different primers not only for the skin, but also for the lips and eyes.

Use primer eyes :

It is often seen that after giving eye shadow, the exact color is not visible to the eyes. In that case use eye primer. This makes the eye shadow more colorful and lasts longer and the lip primer is used in exactly the same way to bring out the true color of the lipstick on the lips.

How to choose to use primer?

Many people are confused about which primer is best for your skin. With some questions you can understand which primer is perfect for you. Then let’s take a look at the questions and answers!

What are the reasons to use primer:

Do you want to use primer to cover skin wrinkles or wrinkles? Or want to use a primer to remove the oily feeling of the skin? Want to use a primer to fix acne problems or skin tone? Read the primer level to get the answers to these questions. You can choose the primer of your choice according to your skin needs.

Which skin type:

Do you have dry, oily or normal skin?

Be sure to find out about your skin type before buying a primer. Then choose the primer according to the needs of the skin. Matifing or salicylic acid based primer should be preferred for oily skin. You can use gel based primer for dry skin. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, then Water Based Primer is for you. Silicone based primer can cause skin irritation. If you have normal skin you can use any primer of the brand. For slightly older skin, it is best to use an anti-oxidant-rich primer.

Primer compatibility with foundation:

Foundation and primer must be of the same base. If the foundation is water based, then water based primer should be used. When buying a primer, apply a little primer on your hands, you can try using foundation on it. This will allow you to easily choose the perfect primer for your skin.

Things to do before using primer :

  • The skin must be cleaned before using the primer. Wash the skin with any light cleanser.
  • The primer does not work as a moisturizer. So use a moisturizer after washing your face. The moisturizer will make your skin soft and supple. After the moisturizer is well mixed, use a primer on the skin.

Rules for using primers :

  • Apply a small amount of primer on different parts of the face. Now massage with fingers and apply on the skin. Similarly, apply primer massage on forehead and neck.
  • You can also lightly apply the primer on the lips. This will help make the lipstick last longer.
  • Use foundation on skin after primer dries. The foundation can be used less if the primer is used properly. You can understand the difference yourself.

Some tips on using primer :

  • The primer should be massaged well with the fingers, it will adapt well to the skin tone.
  • Be sure to use a moisturizer before using the primer.
  • If you have lifeless dirty skin, use a tinted primer. This will bring a glow to the skin.

If you know how to use the primer, when to use! The makeup will be perfect! There was no hesitation about the primer while applying makeup.



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