Top 7 Crucial Men Skin Care Tips For Skin Brightening

Top 7 Crucial Men Skin Care Tips For Skin Brightening

Top 7 Crucial Men Skin Care Tips For Skin Brightening

After all the work of the day, the dust, the heat of the sun, all that remains is to return home and be surprised to see your own mirror. The black spots on the face and the radiance of the face are lost in the dust. In this case, just wash your face with water or soap, all the dirt is clean? Many people think so. Because many people think that men do not need to take care of their skin.

Beauty treatments are for girls only. But this idea is never right. Because boys have to go out more for work, their skin darkens more quickly. In this case, with proper care, it is possible to regain the radiance of the face. So today we will highlight how to bring back the lost radiance of boys’ skin and make it more beautiful.

Protect the skin from external dust and sun. Because the heat of the outside sun can create pigmentation on the skin. As a result, the skin gets dark spots easily. So when you go out, you have to keep your skin away from the heat of the sun. Excessive dusting outside and working in the hot sun should be avoided.

  • You also need to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Put plenty of vitamin-rich fresh fruits and green vegetables on the food list. There is no substitute for regular skin care, it must be remembered.

Not only girls suffer from skin problems in this scorching heat, men also suffer from various skin problems. Whatever the sun, rain, men have to go out a little more than girls. External sun, dust, sand and dirt cause various skin problems. Again, in this heat, the skin starts sweating again and again. So this time the skin needs extra care. Lack of proper care makes the skin rough, lifeless. But with a little care, it is possible to prevent dark circles and spots on the face.

Step by step skin care routine for men :

  1. Cleansing the skin The boys go out more. Due to which dirt, dust, sand and oil accumulate quickly on their skin. Which closes the pores of the skin. So you have to wash your face well from outside. Use facewash instead of soap. Even before shaving, wash your face thoroughly with facewash.
  2. Exfoliate Many people think that scrubbing is only for girls. But boys also need to scrub their skin. Oily skin needs to be exfoliated twice a week and dry skin needs to be exfoliated once a week. Exfoliate removes dead skin from the skin. And helps create new skin. Various scrubs are available in the market. You can use them.
  3. Eliminates oily feeling of skin In hot weather, oily feeling appears on the surface of the skin. Due to which dust and sand accumulate on the skin and acne appears on the skin. You can use tomatoes to avoid this problem. Rub a piece of tomato on the skin for a while. After 15 minutes, wash your face with cold water. This will help to get rid of oily feeling in the face.
  1. After shaving After shaving, you must apply aftershave cream on the skin. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and sun rays. However, aftershave cream is good for the face, which has low levels of alcohol.
  2. Choose the right razor The razor is single or multi-bladed. Many people shave in a hurry. If you want to shave for a while, you should use a razor with three or five blades. However, use a razor that does not require much pressure to shave.
  3. Use moisturizer on the skin Whether it is cold or hot, the skin needs to be moisturized. Use moisturizing cream at night and in the morning. It keeps the skin hydrated. Try using a moisturizer with vitamin E, shea butter or essential oil.
  4. Use sunscreen Many boys think sunscreen is just for girls. Men cannot use sunscreen. This is a misconception. Men skin is damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 for skin protection. This will protect the skin from the sun and prevent black spots on the skin.

10 skin care tips for men :

  1. Scrub your face at least two to three days a week. There are many types of scrubs available in the market now. Especially citric acid, glycerin oil, fruit scrubs are very good for men skin. Because the scrub cleans the skin by removing dust and excess oil from the skin.
  2. Take an ice cube and rub it well all over your face before going to bed at night. This keeps the blood circulating in the skin. And if the blood circulation in the skin is good, the skin brightens quickly. Then apply any moisturizer cream and massage by rubbing with fingers.
  3. Cut a lemon and rub it well on the face with the peel. Lemon citric acid helps to remove excess oil, pigmentation, sunburn spots on your skin. Its vitamin C helps to lighten the skin by removing dark spots on the face.
  4. Cucumber acts as a very beneficial ingredient to brighten the skin naturally. Before returning home every day, wash your face with a slice of cucumber for 15 to 20 minutes before washing your face. The skin is much clearer with daily use. Cucumber juice also acts as a natural moisturizer on the skin.
  5. Mix one teaspoon of raw turmeric with raw milk to make a paste and apply it well on the whole face. Raw turmeric retains the softness of the skin and raw milk helps to lighten the complexion of the skin.
  6. Aloe vera jell contains a lot of antioxidants which are very useful in healing chapped skin. Apply aloe vera jello on your face 1 to 2 days a week and wash your face after waiting for a while. It removes dead skin cells and makes the skin brighter.
  7. Honey is very beneficial for dry skin. Mix a piece of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.
  8. A good moisturizer can be applied five to ten minutes before shaving. Before shaving, it is important to soak the razor in warm water for a while with antiseptic. The razor should be pulled down while shaving. Many people get skin rashes after shaving. That’s why use a light shaving cream or skin-friendly gel or foam. For those who have a tendency to rash, it is better to avoid after shave lotion. It is important to apply an anti-allergic or antiseptic cream after shaving.
  9. Many people get black spots under the eyes . Which once turned into a dark circles. Apply eye gel or hydrating cream under the eyes regularly.
  10. Use sunscreen regularly to protect your facial skin from sunlight. It protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

You can give a splash of cold water repeatedly to keep the skin hydrated. Must apply moisturizer cream.

Acne Problems:

For acne problems, you can go to a good parlor and do herbal facials. Such packs can also be made at home. Put cinnamon paste on the acne and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Dirt accumulates in acne, so clean the skin routinely. Repeatedly wash your face with clean water. It is not right to put nails on acne. It can stain. Consult a doctor if you have more acne and the pain or discomfort is severe. Eating plenty of water, seasonal fruits and vegetables does not cause acne. Clean the skin with a splash of water and a good quality face wash from the outside. Eat less tea. Don’t wake up at night.

Things to do in Sunburn:

In hot weather, the skin gets black spots and sunburn. Sunburn is more common on the hands and face of men. So use sunscreen lotion or cream on the skin at least 15 minutes before going out. The SPF of sunscreen lotion or cream needs to be 40-50 in the climate of our country. Make sure that the compact powder you use every day is also resistant to ultraviolet rays. After 1 hour of applying sunscreen lotion or cream, wash and apply again. Sunscreen lotion is not effective after 1 hour. As an alternative, make a pack with yogurt, rose water and multani soil and apply it on the skin every day to reduce spots. Packs can also be made with besan, tomato and raw turmeric juice. After 15 minutes, remove with rose water. Do regular facials.


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