The 10 easy best ways to remove nail polish without using remover

The 10 easy best ways to remove nail polish without using remover

The 10 easy best ways to remove nail polish without using remover

Nail art is a very popular trend among girls nowadays. To make this nail art you need nail polish of different colors. The most annoying aspect of nail polish is picking it up or removing it. When we went to change the nail polish, we saw that there was no remover. How do you feel then? Surely a lot of anger? There is a solution to this problem. So let us know today the names of some things that can be used as a nail polish remover.

You are painting your nails with colorful nail polish! Sometimes in combination with clothing, sometimes or arbitrarily brushing nails. We can’t go out in one outfit every day. So along with the clothes, the nail decoration also changes. The internet says that this nail polish was invented from China. This is to design the nails on the canvas with one color after another, for that I want the nails to be clean first. So before applying nail polish on the nails, the nails have to be completely white. Nail polish remover is used to pick up a color and then give it a new color. Is there any damage to the nails with the regular remover?
Doctors say that excessive use of remover can have harmful effects on our nail enamel as well as skin. Nail paint removers usually contain a chemical called acetone. In addition, ethyl acetate is often used to make removers. However, since ethyl acetate is less sensitive than acetone, it is better to use a remover made with ethyl acetate. So when buying a remover, you should also pay attention to the components.

Excessive use of nail polish and nail polish remover can change the normal color of nails . Nail enamel can be damaged, which can lead to thinning of fingernails. As well as the inflammatory disease of the skin on the side of the nails can be ‘paronychia’. The skin becomes dry and hard. Many times the skin of the hands and feet can get swollen.

Repeated application of remover and nail polish loses its natural shine. After all, what is in the remover as a moisturizing ingredient is not enough to retain the natural smoothness or shine of the nails.To maintain the whiteness and shine of nails, you must wash your hands and feet thoroughly by mixing shampoo in lukewarm water after each use of the remover. This will remove harmful chemicals from the skin. After washing your hands and feet well, you can apply petroleum jelly, aloe vera or olive oil. Apply a good moisturizing lotion that adapts to the skin. Moisturizing for 10 to 15 minutes enhances the skin’s ability to retain radiance.

Advice on using nail polish remover is:

Advice on using nail polish remover is
  • Remover should not be used more than twice a month. If more is needed, it should not be more than six times.
  • It is very good if you can use the same brand of nail polish and remover.
  • No matter how good the brand is used, it should be changed every three months. This reduces the risk of skin damage.
  • Apply the remover and gently rub the nail polish with the help of cotton-bud or cotton-ball.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that when using the remover, it should not touch the skin on the side of the nail.
There is a party or wedding house in the afternoon But at the last minute, Nail polish on a matching dress and sees that the remover is gone. But the color of the old nail polish is incompatible with today’s clothes But no more worries Because there are several home remedies that can be used to easily remove nail polish.

1. You can use toothpaste instead of nail remover Apply the paste on the brush and rub it on the fingers for five minutes then the nail polish will rise.

2. Spray deodorant on fingers and rub with cotton. Also spray perfume or hair spray on cotton and keep rubbing several times Then the nail polish will go up in 5 minutes .

3. Hand sanitizer also helps to make nail polish.

4. Dip your hands in hot water Make a mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar If you apply it on the nails with the help of cotton, the nail polish on the fingers will come off.

Take a look at how to remove nail polish at home without remover. Removing nail polish with home remedies is relatively less likely to damage the nails. The beauty of nails is not lost in it. Since these home remedies do not contain any chemicals, so that oily feeling of the nails is maintained. And nails are beautiful and healthy. Here are 10 ways to remove nail polish without remover. No extra money has to be spent for this. You can easily get these things in your home. The details are discussed below.

The 10 best ways to remove nail polish without remover :

1. Vinegar:

The ingredient that is found in almost everyone’s kitchen is vinegar. It is possible to remove nail polish very easily with this vinegar. Apply a cotton ball of vinegar and rub on the nails. Also mix lemon juice with vinegar for quick nail polish removal. You can also use orange juice instead of lemon juice. Vinegar softens the nail polish and the nail polish rises quickly.

Nail remover with Vinegar2. Toothpaste:

Many of us do not know that toothpaste also works very well as a nail polish remover. As with the previous methods, apply a small amount of toothpaste to the nails. Leave it for some time and then rub it off. Both toothpaste and nail polish will come off easily.

nail remover with Toothpaste3. Lemon:

Another easy way to get nail polish naturally is lemon. Rub a piece of lemon on the nails. Nail polish will go up. This will work as a natural remover. Soak your hands in lukewarm soapy water for 3-6 minutes to get good results. Then rub the lemon on the nails. You will see that the nail polish has completely disappeared.

nail remover with Lemon4. Hot water:

For those whose nails are weak, this method will give many benefits. Dip one finger into warm running water for 15 minutes. Then rub and remove.

nail remover with Hot water5. Deodorant:

Another easy way to remove nail polish with deodorant. Spray on the nails and rub with cotton. If you rub it for a while, the polish will go up.

nail polish with Deodorant6. Sanitizer Liquid:

Any sanitizer works faster than a remover. Apply sanitizer like a small round ball of cotton and rub it on the nails and you will see that the nail polish has risen.

Sanitizer Liquid with nail remover7. Perfume:

Acetone used in perfume works well as a nail polish remover. Rub the nails with a little perfume on a cotton cloth. Nail polish will come up.

Nail polish remover with Perfume8. Hair spray:

If you have hair spray or hair cream, it will work. Rub the nails with a small amount of hair spray or hair cream as in the previous method. Nail polish will come up in a few minutes.

Nail polish remover Hair spray9. Nail polish:

Yes, nail polish can be lifted with nail polish. Apply a heavy coating of new nail polish on the old nail polish and remove it before it dries. New and old – two nail polishes will come up.

Nail polish remover with Nail polish10. Top coat:

Top coat is used to make the nail polish lasting. However, the top coat is quite effective to remove. In this case, apply a little top coat on the old nail polish and wipe it off with cotton before it dries. Otherwise it will not work.

Nail polish remover with Top coat


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