Monsoon hair care tips for healthy hair

Monsoon hair care tips

Monsoon hair care tips for healthy hair

The rainy season of the new year has come . Who doesn’t like to get wet in the rain but do you know how harmful rain water is for your hair? Do you know how to take care of hair in the rainy season? Today we will give you tips on how to take care of your hair in the monsoon season.

Hair care in the monsoon season

1. Wash hair well

As I said rain water is harmful for hair because rain water contains acid and a lot of dirt. Which causes dandruff with itching on the scalp. Since you can get wet suddenly when it rains in the rainy season, come from outside and wash your hair well immediately.

2. Do not comb wet hair

Hair falls more in the rainy season. You will notice that usually 80 to 100 hairs fall out every day when you comb your hair at other times of the year. But this season the number of hair loss is more than 200 per day. So do not comb wet hair. Try to dry your hair very quickly and use a thick toothbrush. Never comb someone else’s hair or let anyone use your own comb, as this will infect bacteria and cause various problems on the scalp.

3. Oil massage

If dandruff attacks your scalp, you must use anti dandruff shampoo, but since this type of shampoo is very strong, massage any oil of your choice from the scalp to the ends of the hair 2 hours before washing. . But never put oil on your hair all night. This is because the scalp cannot take a moisturizer this season but gives back more which softens the hair follicles.

4. Use mild shampoo

In the rainy season, the scalp is extra oily, so wash your hair with a mild shampoo 4-5 days a week to keep it healthy. The oil on the scalp softens the hair follicles. This also increases the number of hair loss.

5. Do not use any moisturizer

Naturally since the scalp is oily alone, refrain from using any moisturizer separate from the hair. Excess moisturizer causes dandruff.

6 . Use of home conditioner

After shampooing, you must condition your hair in a natural way. A very simple method is to mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 500 ml of water and wash it immediately after shampooing. There is no need to wash the hair separately with water after giving vinegar. Of course, reduce the use of chemical conditioners because it will cause a lot of damage to the hair this season.

7. Stop styling

Stop styling any hair to reduce hair fall this season. During this time, due to the humid weather, the bacteria attack very easily, so the hair has less ability to tolerate any chemical product or heat.

8. Should refrain from using any type of machine

It is not advisable to use hair dryer to take care of hair in rainy season. Do not use a hair dryer or a hair straightener / carl machine. Reduce the use of any type of hair spray. Rather let the hair grow in its natural order. When you go out, make sure you have an umbrella as your daily companion and those who are accustomed to using rain coats should also make it their regular companion.

9. Increase the shine of hair in a natural way

If you want to increase the shine in your hair according to the natural rules, soak fenugreek in water overnight and then wash your hair with just strained water. Use a very simple hair mask every week. Mix a few teaspoons of avocado with a banana and leave it on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo. This will keep the hair very clean even in damp weather.

10. Proper eating habits

Finally, I will talk about food habits. It is a known fact that not all types of junk food / oily food can be eaten. But the habits that need to be done is to eat more protein foods. If you can soak the amla in water overnight and drink clean water on an empty stomach in the morning, the hair follicles will become stronger. If you can eat more salad of fruits and raw vegetables, hair growth will be better. Drink as much fresh water as possible.

Hair loss is a major problem for women. This problem is more common in the rainy season. During this time the air and humidity are extra and the damage to the skin and hair is more. Apart from that, at this time, due to sweat on the scalp, hair is not drying properly, etc., it is convenient for the fungus to nest. These are the main causes of infection of the scalp, dandruff, hair loss and other fungal infections.

Find out how to take special care of your hair on monsoon :

  1. If you get wet in the rain at this time, you have to wash your hair again. Otherwise, dust and other contaminants in the rainwater will accumulate on the palm of the head. There is a fear of loose hair at the base of the hair. So if you get wet in rain water, wash your hair again with a mild shampoo and wipe your head clean. After that, if you apply lemon juice on the palm of the head, the dust will come out.
  2. Oil massage on the head is very useful for hair growth! Regular use of oil on the hair protects the scalp from bacteria and other infections. Applying oil on the hair removes dryness, the benefits of deep conditioning also match. However, do not apply extra oil, apply the same amount of oil on the hair and leave it overnight and shampoo the next day. Regular oil massage on hair, hair is beautiful and soft, hair growth is good.
  3. Comb the hair with a thick comb, it will be easier to get rid of tangles. Even after applying the conditioner, remove the hair tangle with a comb, so that the conditioner can be spread evenly over the whole hair. Spend a lot of money on the back of the hair, but a little thing repeatedly avoids the eyes. And that is our comb. Using the wrong comb also causes hair loss, tangles and hair loss. Get up in the morning and comb your hair with a comb that does not hurt your scalp when combing. The comb should be non-synthetic. Wash the comb every day as a rule. Otherwise, if you comb it with the comb in the morning, the hair will become dirty again.
  4. Avoid styling hair during the rainy season. Chemicals are harmful to hair. In the rainy season that rate increases.
  5. Keratin is one of the unique ways to keep hair shiny. To prevent keratin deficiency in hair, pay attention to your diet. Eat protein rich foods regularly. Also drink enough water.
  6. Use different packs made at home to take care of hair in the rain. For normal hair, make a pack by mixing honey and milk. Wash off after half an hour of massaging hair.

Fungal Infections on Scalp, Homemade Magic in Hair Care in the monsoon :

The rain is knocking on the door. To get some relief from the heat, everyone is looking forward to this monsoon. But the biggest problem during the rainy season is the hair problem. This is the time when most hair falls, and various hair problems are seen. Hair loss, dandruff, itching, scalp infections, all these problems persist. In the rainy season, the hair is more damaged due to the humid weather. So it is very important to take special care of hair at this time. Take a look at how to take special care of your hair on a rainy day in the busyness of work.

  1. Three banana and a table spoon honey mixed together with a pack and put it 50 minutes to the scalp. Then it will be washed with shampoo. It reduces hair roughness and became shiny.
  2. Two tablespoons olive oil and one tablespoon honey will warm a light with a place. Then, the oil should be thoroughly kept in the hair, notice that it does not seem to be in the scalp. Because this may be more oil in the rainy season. After keeping 15-20 minutes, the hair will shampoo well.
  3. Scalp many times in the rainy season becomes very oily. To solve it, apply lemon juice on scalp and wash it after 15 minutes.
  4. Mix a leafy juice and nim leaves with a yogurt, mixed with lemon juice and neem leaves. Apply this mixture on your scalp. After 40 minutes washed it. You can do twice a week.
  5. Half white part of the egg mixed with lemon juice, neem leaf juice and apply on the scalp. After half an hour, wash hair with Harbal shampoo.

Then know about some hairpacks of hair for monsoon season :

Almond and Eggs:

Make a mixture of almonds and raw eggs one fourth of a cup for keeping hair fresh . Place the mixture 40 minutes in the scalp of the head. Then wash it well with shampoo. Notice that the mixture does not take a little bit. This pack will become your hair in regular use.

Coconut oil and vitamin E oil:

Make a mixture of coconut oil and vitamin e oil together. Heat this mix well, then massage the scalp in the head. Keep it for half an hour than washed it with mild shampoo. As a result, your hair will be much stronger and hair falls.

Banana, Honey and Coconut:

According to hair length, 1 molded ripe banana, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon raw milk, 1 tablespoon coconut oil mixed it well. Apply on your scalp and keep it 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse with light shampoo later.

Eggs & Milk:

Mix two egg yolks, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 cup raw milk, 1 tablespoon lemon juice mix. Place this mixture 15-20 minutes on hair. Now wash the light with shampoo.

Oats, coconut milk and honey:

1 tablespoon oats, honey and milk. Place 20-25 minutes in this mask hair. Wash with light shampoo. It will become your hair more brilliant and lively.

Strawberry, honey and milk:

3-4 strawberries, 1 tablespoon honey, mix 1 tablespoon coconut oil. Keep it 30 minutes and wash this mask in the hair and wash it in cold water.


very beneficial for fidget hair. For this, a pottery in a container, shoke it overnight and take the water in the morning. After that, keep the water taken away. Then after shampoo and washed the hair with this shoked water. As a result, the hair falls, the dandruff is removed and the hair brightness also leads to.

Which is better not to apply on the hair in the rainy season :

  • Wet hair should not be combed without drying.
  • It is better not to use hair dryer.
  • Do not use hair-spray at all.
  • Colored hair at this time can prove to be bad for the hair.
  • It is better to stay away from hair products as much as possible.



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