Long lasting best monsoon makeup tips for perfect look

Long lasting best monsoon makeup tips for perfect look

Long lasting best monsoon makeup tips for perfect look

At this time occasional torrential rains come and wet us. This rain is this harsh sun.Came out of the house, saw the hot sun and after going some distance, fell in the rain. Then think of the situation! Whether for the sake of work or to protect an invitation, we always have to go out and do makeup with it.

But keeping the makeup right in this weather is much more troublesome. So it is a little more careful to have time to finish. Waterproof materials should be used for makeup during this time. It is especially important to use waterproof mascara, kajal and eyeliner. If these three cosmetics are not waterproof, then the whole outfit will be ruined if it gets wet.

In case of using foundation, foundation should be used according to skin color. However, before using the foundation, it is advisable to use a good quality primer. The primer should be applied half an hour before using the foundation. This blends the makeup very well with the skin. Even if you sweat, there is no risk of removing makeup.

You can also use BB cream instead of primer. Apply BB cream before applying foundation. Use BB cream suitable for oily skin.

Tone, depending on the size of the face. Again, the dress is also kept in mind.

When everyone is annoyed in the summer heat, then touching the light rain also brings peace. But the rainy season creates a lot of problems for skin and hair. So all requires extra warning. At this time, some things have to be seen in the case of skin care as well as makeup. Then there will be no rises in the role or go out and get rid of it.

Some of the necessary suggestions on the monsoon makeup can take a look at the exception:

  • Makeup at this time should be a little brighter kind. However, it is better not to use very heavy makeup.
  • Can use matte lipstick. If you use glossy lipstick at this time, it is likely to get wet.
  • You can also choose matte eyeshadow when using eyeshadow. However, you can use beige eyeshadow for daytime outfits. If you have to go to a party, you can use a darker shade. However, do not use too much dark color to make it look ugly.
  • The bright colors of lipstick are quite suitable. Choose pink, orange, peach or copper colors for eye makeup and blush.
  • The Foundation Cream in the Makeup in the rainy season will use as low as possible. And the main attraction will be in the eyes and lip.
  • You can use the gel liner, which will help you bring different look.
  • Use the waterproof maskara in the eye. It will help to make eyes interesting.
  • Select Matt Color Lipstick. So there will be no problem in lining lipstick. Use good brand lipstick, which will protect your lips from dust for a long time and will moisturize.
  • Back from the outside must pick up makeup well.
  • Then use a good quality moisturizer. Because the skin loses moisture during this rainy season. And so all skin types need moisturizer.
  • Apply moisturizer at least at night, if not at any other time.

Here are some special tips to keep the makeup in the rainy / monsoon season :

  1. During the rainy season, in the weather in the clench, dust is more accumulated in the skin. It is better to use a little scrubbing fermentation instead of common facewash. Deep clenging must be two days a week.
  2. Do not need to plant sunscreen on cloudy days – it’s a complete misconception. Sunscreen should be used throughout the year. But use the waterproof sunscreen in the rainy season.
  3. Foundation, eyeliner, Kajal, whatever you use, everything should be waterproof. It is better not to use foundation with too much coverage in the rainy season. You can use any BB cream better than that.
  4. This is the best time to experiment with colorful makeup. A little brighter color instead of nude color Choose. Colors like yellow, blue, green, purple can be in the eyeshadow palette. Eyeshadow can be in the palette. A little glitter formula eyeshadow will also work well.
  5. Use bold matte lip color. Choose colors that contrast with clothing. You will see that you will look bright even in the daytime.
  6. Now the bold eyebrows are very ‘in’. Almost everyone draws eyebrows well with eyebrow pencil. In the rain but very careful. If not waterproof formula will be a scandal!
  7. Do not leave your hair open in the rain. In the rainy season, the problem of hair loss increases. Wet water will damage the hair every day. So tie your hair neatly. You can try many types of braids. If you do not know what to do, take the help of YouTube.
  8. Use liquid waterproof blush. It is best not to use highlighter or contouring unless you need to. The more products you put on your face, the more problems you will get if you get wet. Keep it in a bag on a rainy day.
  9. Q tip. If Kajal or eyeliner gets smudged for any reason, it is much more convenient to fix it with the help of Q tip.
  10. Face mist spray. Sometimes spraying will make the face look fresh.
  11. Makeup Removal Wipes. If the makeup on any part of the face is bad, it will be very useful.
  12. Lipstick. Many brands may claim that a certain range of lipsticks will stay the same for a long time. But in the rainy season it can not be anything. So it is better to keep it in a bag.

Waterproof Product for makeup :

Waterproof base

The amount of moisture in the air increases during this monsoon. As a result, there are many problems in the field of makeup. The makeup melts, sniffs. For which if you use light powder on the skin of the face as waterproof base makeup at this time, it works great at this time.

Smart Tips: If you think you can use a sponge as an alternative to makeup at this time, which has a wet sponge on one side, dry powder on the other side. You can easily use any of its aspects as needed.


VLCC Hydrophobic Sun Block lotion, SPF 50 This waterproof sunscreen will help save skin from harmful rays of the sun.


L’Oreal True Match Genius Four in One can be used. Primer, foundation, concealer and powder will work together. There are also several sheds. You can buy it to match your skin color.


Waterproof blush is very rare in the market. However, you can use tint chic tint for benefit. A few drops will bring a pink tinge to the cheeks. But there is only one problem. For those whose skin color is a little dark, it is not possible to say how suitable it is.

If you want to brighten up your chin-lips instead of dressing up a little romantic at this time, then you can use powder-based blusher. In that case any pink or peach color of light shade should be used. Definitely matches the dress.

Smart Tips: One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what kind of light or natural blush you use, don’t forget to mix it very well.

Gel liner

If you are afraid to apply liquid liner, you can also use gel liner. These are somewhat smoke-free. You can buy gel liner at Revlon Collarst.


L’Oreal Influential Twenty Four Hour Eyeshadow is pretty good. This waterproof eyeshadow has several metallic shades.


Maybelline Colossal Volume Express waterproof mascara is quite popular. The wand to use is so good that it will work even if you don’t use a separate curler.

Smart Tips: If you want to avoid eye makeup melting in the rain, you should know that liner-kajal-mascara has a waterproof makeup that will not melt and ruin your eye makeup.


Faces Ultimate Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick has several bold shades. These lipcolors are matte but not too patchy. It stays the same for a long time after applying. If the budget is low, you can also buy Enrich Matte Lipstick at Lakme.


In the rainy season, the hair should be kept as open as possible, not random. Because open hair wet in rain water can look disheveled. In that case, tie the hair up with a pony tail or a neck braid. It will get a lot of relief from the humidity of the air. If you think you can cut your hair short in the rain.

Smart Tips: It is advisable not to use hair gel at this time. Because it can only cause dandruff in the hair, it is not. Hair can grow. And don’t forget to clean your hair by following the rules every day. Keep the hair open for at least a while.



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