How to do pedicure and manicure at home with natural ingredients.

How to do pedicure

How to do pedicure and manicure at home with natural ingredients.

Everyday sun and dust damage our face as well as our hands and feet. The skin becomes black and rough. But in beauty treatment we neglect hands and feet the most. We should do regular pedicures and manicures to maintain the radiance of our hands and feet. But it is not possible for everyone to go to the parlor and do pedicure and manicure. So you can do pedicure and manicure at home like a parlor.

Any beauty conscious woman wants to take equal care of all the organs of the body. Pedicure is a well-known method of foot care. Basically, the process of cleaning the toenails, toes and ankles is called pedicure.

Many people go to the parlor and get a pedicure. You can do this pedicure in a little while but sitting at home. In today’s feature you will learn how to complete the work of pedicure step by step.

Why do pedicure?

Many people may have a question in their mind that the feet are rubbed during the bath. Then what is the need to do extra pedicure!

Pedicure will protect you from various nail diseases.

Will make your toenails soft and clean.

It will protect you from skin diseases by removing the fungus that has accumulated from the ankles.

After all, it will enhance the beauty of your feet.

The process of taking care of fingers and fingernails is called manicure. Many conscious women go to the parlor and get their manicure done. But if you want, you can do it at home at low cost.

Why do manicure?

Manicure is required for women of any age. From young women to housewives, everyone should take care of their hands. Although it is a very common thing, it is true that the beauty of your fingernails often becomes a means of your personality or taste to others!

Wondering how? Suppose you went for a job. While forwarding the file on the Vaiba board, it was seen that your fingernails are yellow or dirt is accumulated on your nails. Is it too pretty? Not at all. So let’s learn step by step the ways to do manicure.

Materials for doing pedicure and manicure :

1. One bowl of hot water.

2. Foot wash or any one shampoo or foaming shower gel

3. Salt or epsom salt

4. Baking soda

5. Pumice stone or earthenware

6 . Foot scrub

7 . Foot cream (if desired)

8. Cuticle oil / cream or Vaseline

9. Cuticle pushing stick

10. Nail cutter

11. Nail filer

12. Cotton

13. Foot brush

14. Nail brush

15. Essential oil or rose water

16. A few pebbles

17. Dry and soft towel

18. Lemon juice

19. Dettol or any antiseptic

The process of spa pedicure :

Step 1:

soapy waterClean the pedicure equipment. The first step is to maintain cleanliness in any form of beauty. Follow the steps below:

  • Wash your pedicure brush set with soapy water.
  • Apply a little antiseptic on a little cotton. Now use it to clean Nail Cutter, Nail Caesar, Cuticle Pusher Stick etc.

Step 2:

remove nail polishRemove the old nail polish. Remove old nail polish with nail polish remover. Many times the previously applied nail polish does not want to rise. In this case, apply the remover on the cotton and hold it on the nails for a few seconds, the nail polish will come up easily.

Step 3:

Cut the nailCut the nails and shape to your liking. Take warm hot water in a bowl. Instead of dipping the whole foot, just soak the toenails there for a while. This will soften your nails which will help to give shape. Then wipe the feet with a towel.

Cut the toenails with the right nail clipper. If there is any excess part of the nail, you can cut it with a nail scissor or nail nipper. And if there is dead skin, remove it with Caesar.

Then level the nail with a filer to reduce the edge of the nail. File the filer back and forth over the nail. Don’t forget to file the corners of the nails!

Step 4:

Remove the cuticle.

nails pedicureNow apply cuticle oil / cream / Vaseline on the nails. Then remove the extra cuticles from the nails with a cuticle push stick. Be careful, you only remove the extra cuticles! And if you don’t have extra cuticles, just push , don’t pull.

Step 5:

Preparing to soak your feet in spa style.

  • Take lukewarm water in a bowl.
  • Put 2 tablespoons of Ipsam or common table salt in water.
  • Pour 2/3 drops of essential oil in water. Lavender oil is very good. Alternatively, 1 tablespoon of rose water can be given.
  • Lemon juice – 3/4 table spoon.
  • Then add foot wash. If there is no foot wash, use baby shampoo or foaming shower gel.
  • Now make the whole mixture well.

Warm pebbles

Before starting the pedicure, put some pebbles in warm water. Then place them in a pre-prepared pedicure mixture.

Now you are ready for spa pedicure! Dip one foot into warm paraffin for 20 to 25 minutes. At this time you can leave any of your favorite songs and stay in a relaxed mood. After 20/25 minutes, wipe the feet with a dry towel.

Step 6:


foot Scrub applyingNow scrub to remove the dead skin of the feet. There are many types of scrubbers available in the market. Herbal products is a very good scrubber. You can also make it at home with rice powder, sugar, lemon juice and olive oil.

Step 7:

Smooth the feet

heel scrubberTo soften and smooth the soles of the feet, you need a pumice stone / clay jhama, a foot brush and a nail brush. You can also use the pedicure brush.

With this type of brush you will find pumice stone, brush, heel scrubber and heel smoother at the same time. First, rub your feet well with pumice stone to remove dead skin.

Turn the pumice stone back and forth and rub it on the soles of the feet.

Then you can use heel scrubber and smoother. However, after using pumice stone, if the feet feel soft and smooth enough, there is no need to use them.

Step 8:

Wash feet and nails (if desired)

Wash your feet

You can wash your feet after scrubbing if you need to. Wash your feet with a foot brush and shower gel with more fan. Also clean the nail dirt with a nail brush or stick.

Wash your feet in lukewarm water and wipe dry with a towel.

Step 9:


applying foot creamApply foot cream on feet and body lotion on feet. You can try Nature’s Secret foot cream.

You can make your own moisturizer by mixing almond and olive oil at home.

Step 10:

Paint the nails too

nail pant applyingSeparate the fingers with a piece of foam or a cotton ball in the middle of the fingers. Now decorate the nails in the color of your choice.

Hands are also involved in our overall beauty. And, beautiful nails and matching nail polish enhances the attractiveness of the hands. So, if you do manicure on time, your hands and nails will become attractive. With the right tools, the right techniques you can easily do a gel manicure sitting at home. Of course it has a little cost, but it is convenient and pocket-friendly. So, how to do a manicure at home, here are his methods.

The process of menicure :

Step 1

If you already have nail polish on your nails, remove it with a remover. But, if you have glitter polish on your nails and have trouble removing it, soak a little cotton in the remover and leave it on your nails for a few minutes. Once you do this, nail polish will not be too difficult to remove.

Step 2

Next, apply cuticle cream over the cuticle of the nail and leave it on for a few minutes. Then, wipe off the cream and remove the dust or dead part that has accumulated on your nails using a cuticle pusher. Do not put extra pressure when lifting the cuticle, lift slowly.

Step 3

Cut the nails to the desired shape and file with a nail filer. This filer is to keep the shape of the nails beautiful. If you do it later, it can ruin the manicure.

Step 4

Next, wash and dry your hands with a mild cleanser.

Step 5

Clean your nails a little more with nail buffer. This will help your nail polish to stick easily with your nails.

Step 6

Wipe your hands with a towel.

Step 7

Apply a gel polish base coat thinly over your nails. This will help during later polishing layering.

Step 8

Apply nail polish on your nails. However, be careful not to polish the skin around the nails. And, if it sticks around the nail, remove it immediately with a remover. Then dry it.

Step 9

Next, apply a second coat of polish and let it dry. If necessary, you can also give a third coat of polish.

Step 10

Finally, apply a gel coat on top of the nail polish, seal the polish and let it dry

Here are the rules for doing spa pedicure at home. You can also skip a few steps at your convenience.


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