How to apply foundation on dry, oily and normal skin?

How to apply foundation on dry, oily and normal skin

How to apply foundation on dry, oily and normal skin?

One of the basic conditions for good makeup is to use the right foundation. Much of the makeup depends on what foundation you are using and how you are applying it to the skin. In this article we will try to discuss some of the common issues that are important for your skin, what to look for before buying it, how to apply it. Maybe this discussion can add a different dimension to your makeup schedule. It is important to know your skin type before using foundation. If you do not understand yourself, take the advice of an expert. There are different products in the market. But you have to choose the one that is right for you. You may have bought a product at a high price that is not suitable for your skin. So guidance is important before shopping. We just tried to be by your side. I arranged some suggestions. The final decision is yours. We would like you to benefit from this. You can also share your makeup guidance with us.

Why is foundation important for proper makeup?

Whether it is liquid or powder, it is very important to use foundation in any form. Foundation will make your complexion brighter. Sometimes it is useful to change the natural skin tone. If there are spots or black heads on the skin like acne or mecheta, it is also easily covered. Sometimes the foundation is the sunscreen or moisturizer. A very important foundation for creating a base layer before makeup. However, you must use a good brand foundation. If you do makeup that damages the skin, you will have to suffer the consequences later.

Best foundation for dry skin :

1. Lakme Face Magic Souffle, Pearl, 30ml

This foundation rich in Vitamin E will eliminate dark circles on the skin. Will brighten the skin. You can use it to get flawless skin.

2 . Lakme Absolute Organ Oil Serum Foundation with Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation

This serum foundation will keep the skin healthy from the inside out. You will get silky texture. Will easily blend into the skin. Moisturizer will also work on the skin.

3 . Ace Of Face Foundation Stick

Ace Of Face Foundation Stick – 35 Frappe (Medium, Neutral Undertone)

Cream based This foundation helps make makeup last longer. Cleanses the face of pores and removes dark circles.

How To Apply Foundation On Dry Skin :

It is important to know how to use the foundation. If you don’t know how to use it, your makeup will not work properly.

  1. It is important to remove dead skin cells. The nose and chin get dirty easily. Remove blackheads from there every night. It will be convenient to lay the foundation.
  2. It is important to keep the skin moist before applying foundation.
  3. The foundation often works as a moisturizer. So see if your skin needs that kind of foundation.
  4. Be careful before buying lotion. If it is a petroleum based product, it will take more time to blend into the skin, remember that.
  5. If you want to apply waterproof or oil control foundation, it makes the skin drier as soon as you apply it.
  6. You can use Aqua Foundation to solve this problem.
  7. Since you have dry skin, use a cream base foundation. Get a natural finish look.
  8. In case of dry skin, it is better not to use powder after foundation. This makes the skin look drier.
  9. Whether it is foundation or concealer, it is difficult to apply by hand. Because the skin is dry, any product pulls your skin very easily.
  10. It is difficult to apply makeup on dry skin. So use a sponge or brush to apply the foundation.

Best Foundations For Oily Skin :

If your skin is dry, take a look at the foundations you can use with makeup. If you do not use a suitable foundation for the skin can be a variety of spots.

1 . Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Coral

akme Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Coral, 27ml

Rich in vitamin E and silicone, this foundation contains oil free formula. Which is ideal for oily skin.

2. Lakme Invisible Finish SPF 8 Foundation

This is the Invisible Finnish Foundation. In other words, there is no way to understand the foundation that has been laid. It also protects the skin from various harmful rays of the sun.

3 . Color Essence Aqua Makeup Base Foundation

This foundation protects the skin from UV rays. You can use it on your chin and throat.

4 . Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Porless Liquid Foundation Tube

This foundation is ideal for Indian skin. A total of six color tones are available for purchase. The matte finish look effortlessly available when applied.

5. LOREAL Womens True Match Liquid Foundation Caramel Dore

Rich in vitamins B and E, this foundation maintains the fair complexion of the skin. Helps to brighten the skin.

How To Apply Foundation On Oily Skin ?

It is important to know how to use the foundation. If you don’t know how to use it, your makeup will not work properly.

1 . Even if the skin is oily, it is important to apply skin moisturizer before applying foundation.

2. Take a few drops of foundation on the back of the palm.

3. Foundation brushes or sponges are available in the market. Make sure it is already in your collection.

4. Apply those few drops of foundation on the brush well.

5. Apply the foundation all over the face.

6. Look at the edges of the face, chin and both sides of the nose separately.

7. Turn the brush well to cover the black spots under the eyes.

8. Be sure to apply the same foundation to the neck to keep the makeup consistent.

9. You can also apply on hand or back. In fact, depending on what kind of clothes you are wearing, exactly where the skin needs makeup.

10. It is important to make sure that the foundation is applied to all parts of the skin.

Best Foundations For Normal Skin :

If your skin is normal, then you can do makeup with any foundation, take a look at it. If you do not use a suitable foundation for the skin can be a variety of spots.

1. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Liquid Foundation, Golden Beige

This foundation eliminates the problem of acne on the skin. Helps to make makeup last up to 24 hours.

2. MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

SPF 30 of this foundation. Protects skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. If you apply makeup on it, there is no fear of getting damaged all day long.

3. FACES Canada Go Chic Foundation

If you want to keep the age, then it is a must to use this foundation during makeup. Its anti-aging formula helps to keep the skin fresh.

How To Apply Foundation To Normal Skin :

It is important to know how to use the foundation. If you don’t know how to use it, your makeup will not work properly.

1. First clean your face with a scrubber. Remove facial dirt with cold water and a cotton pad.

2. If the skin is dry, the foundation will rupture, it cannot be placed properly.

3. Your normal skin. So apply any kind of moisturizer before applying foundation.

4. Depending on the skin type, apply moisturizer five to 10 minutes before applying the foundation.

5. Not just the face. Apply moisturizer on the neck, neck, back wherever you want to apply makeup.

6. Buy a little dark foundation from skin color. Mix well under the eyes and chin.

7. After applying with foundation brush, blend with puff.

8. If the foundation breaks somewhere, set it with a light finger or puff.

9. Even then, if there is a problem with cracking, use concealer.

10. Set the foundation using translucent powder.

Tips for using foundation :

I see many people apply foundation with the use of moisturizers and primers. It can’t be done. Of course the moisturizer and primer should take time to set on the skin. For this, apply foundation after 5-10 minutes of moisturizer and primer. Let’s know some more important tips!

1. Many people apply foundation and blend it by hand. As a result, the foundation does not sit well on the skin and floats. Never do this. Always blend the foundation with a wet beauty sponge or brush. Blend over time. The more you blend, the more beautiful the foundation will sit on the skin.

2. Always use concealer before and after foundation. If you use concealer before the foundation, the concealer may be removed when the foundation is blended all over the face. So apply foundation first. Since the foundation covers the face, the stain covers a lot. So after concealer, use concealer only where your spots are visible.

3. Many people see that after applying makeup, the face looks different from the neck area. The reason for this is not to use foundation on the throat. Which is very strange and ugly to look at. So when applying the foundation, blend it well around the neck.

4. Many people think that if you use a lot of foundation on your face, it will look beautiful. Get rid of this idea forever. Using a lot of foundation will make your face look not only unnatural but also cakey. So use as much foundation as you need on your face.

5. After using the foundation, set it with powder. But never rub the powder. Then, the foundation below can be removed. Always use the powder with a brush and lightly pressed.

6 . At the end of the day, of course, do not forget to remove the foundation and makeup. You probably don’t want to get up the next morning with acne. So use a good quality makeup remover to make the foundation.

How to apply foundation with fingers?

It is guaranteed that you will get a natural finish when you apply foundation with your fingers. However, for this, the mouth of the hair follicle has to be closed well. Light hand massage should also be done. Can be applied using finger head. However, according to makeup experts, the brush should be used to get a flawless effect.

How to prevent the foundation from turning black?

A good foundation works by blending well into your face and giving you the perfect blemish-free skin. But there are definitely some reasons why you should blacken your face after applying some foundation, let’s know how to prevent them, let’s talk about them today:

1. Use primer-

Many of us do not want to use primer, but the foundation often gets dark because of not using primer. Using a primer creates a wall between your skin and the foundation, which does not allow the color of the foundation to blend with the natural oils of the skin. Silicone based primer is more effective in this case.

2. Don’t overdo it-

Do not use too much primer. This is because the extra coating that will be created if more primer is used will not allow the foundation to be used properly. So do not use more primer than you need.

3. Not too powdery-

We use face powder on the skin to remove excess oil from the skin, but if your skin is oily and after a while you use powder on the skin, then the foundation will become black spots and a feeling of cake will come out on the face.

4. Using the wrong powder-

Some loose powders have so much pigmentation that it can change the actual color of your oily skin foundation during the day. Use translucent powder as an alternative.

5. Learn about your undertone-

Choosing the right color is very important when choosing a foundation for your skin. If you choose the wrong color foundation, it can be darker or lighter than the natural color of your skin, which should not be. So be aware of your proper undertone before buying foundation.

6. Balance the PH level of your skin-

Your skin’s pH level regulates the oxidation process of your skin which can darken your foundation during the day. So use Deludate ACV as a face toner as it will help balance the dryness and oiliness of your skin.

7 . Choose the right moisturizing rich foundation-

Choose a foundation based on your skin type and the weather in which you will use it. The wrong foundation will disrupt the oxidation process and can blacken your foundation.

8 . Use a good makeup setting spray-

A good makeup setting spray will help to keep the foundation in place along with other makeup on your skin, reducing the chances of your face turning black.

9. Oil Free Foundation –

If your foundation tends to turn black after planting, then an oil free foundation may be the right choice for you.

10. Use blotting tissue-

You can use blotting tissue instead of using too much powder to remove excess oil from the skin. You can do this before and after applying the foundation, it will last a long time for the right color of your foundation.



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