How to apply eyeliner for your specific face shapes

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How to apply eyeliner for your specific face shapes

Almost all women face this problem even in the sweat of summer heat of monsoon or autumn. Where eye makeup is an important part of makeup, you need to look for smudge proof kajal or eyeliner to protect eye makeup. In order to prevent this problem of smudging in hot weather, you have to spend a lot of money to buy smudge proof kajal or eyeliner.

But that does not solve the problem. Even if you buy Kajal or eyeliner from a reputed company, it is not at all possible to prevent smudging. Despite the promises made by various companies that Kajal or eyeliner will not work for ten to twelve hours, it is often seen that almost all Kajal-eyeliner is worn after a while except for some very expensive cosmetics.

In addition, expensive kajals or eyeliners that do not work at all, contain harmful chemicals, which are not good for the skin. So if you follow some rules before wearing kajal or eyeliner, you will not be afraid of society Is it possible to do what?

  • Apply CC cream well on the side of the eyes before applying eyeliner. These absorb excess oil and moisture around the eyes.
  • On the day you applying kajal or eyeliner, wrap a small piece of ice in a cotton cloth and massage it around the eyes several hours before the makeup. It will cut the oily feeling of the skin.
  • Applying kajal on the waterline of the eyes. There is no fear of getting smoked if you applying kajal or liner here.
  • After applying kajal, let the eyes dry a little. Always use waterproof kajal and eyeliner.
  • Before applying Kajal, take a compact puff around the eyes. This removes moisture from the eyes. Kajal and eyeliner last longer.

Eye makeup is the most important part of women’s makeup. And eye makeup is absolutely impossible without kajal or eyeliner. But the problem is only when you go to give eyeliner to match the eyes. Many people are confused about whether it would be better to draw thick eyes or to make them thinner or to pull them a little. So find out what kind of eyeliner fits the eyes of any shape.

There are many ways to apply eyeliner. Today we will learn how to apply eye liner according to the shape of the eye. Many years ago, a picture of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt showed how dazzling the use of eye liner was to her eyes.

Different types of eyeliner have been created :

  • Powder based eyeliner
  • Wax based eyeliner
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Cole eyeliner
  • Gel based eyeliner

The most used of all eyeliners is black eyeliner. However, blue, brown, purple, eyeliner of different colors are also available in the market. Eyeliner should be applied according to the shape of the eyes to make the eyes look beautiful.

Eyeliner style for 10 different face shapes :

1) Almond shape

Almond-shape eye makaup

If the shape of the nut is a little eye in front and a thick eye just before the last edge, start giving eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye and apply eyeliner as thick as you need to make the whole eye curve perfect. Kajal will go to the last edge of the eye and pull it a little thicker. Keep the curve with kajal on the top and bottom of the eyes, it will look good.

2) Round eyes

Round-eyes makeup

By round eyes we mean the shape of a very large eye which is quite open from the inner edge to the end. In this type of eye, the method of giving kajal is more suitable without moving from the corner to the top of the page. Kajal will come to the outer edge of the eye and give it thick. And from the middle of the lower eyelid, apply Kajal to the last edge of the eye. You will see it will be very suitable.

3) If deep in the hole

If deep in the hole eye makup

If the eye socket is a little deeper, the eye looks a little smaller. So refrain from giving too thick Kajal or eyeliner. Apply eyeliner as smoothly as possible from the middle of the upper eyelid. And pull the eyeliner by rubbing it under the petals under the eyes. It will make your eyes open and feel big.

4) If the upper eyelid is swollen

If the upper eyelid is swollen eye makup

This is basically the shape of the eyes of those who are Chinese, Japanese or the tribes of our country. They thin the edge of the upper eyelid by pulling the eyeliner and apply the eyeliner by thickening the last edge of the eyelid. Absolutely do not apply liner on the lower eyelids. Curl the eyelids.

5) If the eyes are smaller than the face

If the eyes are smaller than the face eye makup

If the shape of the eyes is smaller than the nose and mouth, pull the upper leaves from thin to thick with eyeliner. And start the eyeliner from the middle of the lower eyelid and match the eyeliner of the upper eyelid in the last corner. Apply white eyeshadow, kajal or highlighter on the lower eyelid in the inner corner of the eye.

6) If the eyes are larger than the face


If the shape of the eyes is bigger than the nose and the face, make it thicker on the upper leaf and pull it with eyeliner. And on the lower leaf, on the inside of the petals, i.e. in the water line, thicken it with kajal. This will make the eye shape look a little smaller which will match the face.

7) For wide eyes

For-wide-eyes eye makup

The eyeliner should be applied on the upper and lower eyelids from the inside to the outside covering one third. If desired, a light colored eye liner can be applied on the outside of the eyelid. However, do not forget to apply Kajal well inside the eyes.

8) For very close eyes

For-very-close-eyes makup

Eyeliner should be applied on the upper and lower part of the eyelid from the middle to the outer corner. It is better not to apply eyeliner or kajal in the inner corner of the eye as it will make the eyes feel closer.

9) For sleeping eyes

For-sleeping-eyes makup

The eyeliner should be spread a little from the inner corner to the outer corner, leaving a little space without applying it to the eyelids. This will have a lifting effect on the eyes.

10) For the Asian eye

For-the-Asian-eye makup

The eyeliner should be applied thinly or thickly from the middle to the outer corner of the upper part of the eye. Eye liner should be applied all over the lower eyelid.


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