How often you should cut your hair

How often you should cut your hair

How often you should cut your hair

Many people think that if you don’t cut your hair, one day it will be as long as the hair of a fairy tale princess. However, keep in mind that if the hair is always unkempt and lifeless, it needs other care besides trimming.

We all love to do different hair styles. But we often forget to take proper care of our hair. Giving oil to the hair, shampooing is as important as cutting the hair again after a few days but it is necessary. So today we will discuss a little about this.

Hair care :

Different types of women have different preferences for hair such as someone prefers long hair and someone prefers short cut hair. Whether the hair is long or short we should just make sure that our hair stays healthy. Many people cut long hair short because caring for long hair can be a daunting task. Different types of hair products, blow dryers, bad shampoos etc. also damage our hair. So to make long hair healthy, we should cut our hair occasionally.

Hair should be trimmed :

It is said that every month our hair grows about half an inch. If our hair grows one inch, we should trim our hair. So you need to cut your hair every 2 months. The lower part of our hair is the most stressed. So if the lower part of the hair is cut after a few days, our hair also becomes healthy.

The hair is strong :

Many times the hair ends break down due to lack of nutrition. As a result our hair loses its shine and luster. When the ends of the hair are torn, our hair looks rough and even if we style our hair, our hair does not look good. In order to prevent the breakage of the ends of this hair, we need to cut our hair occasionally. After a few days, cutting the hair removes the torn ends of our hair and our hair becomes strong and healthy again.

Half an inch to 1 inch cut of hair dagger is enough :

Haircut after 2 months is beneficial but there is no need to cut more hair. Just cutting the hair dagger from half an inch to 1 inch is enough. You can trim at home without going to the parlor. To trim the hair, you have to comb the hair well with a comb and hair brush. Then the hair should be divided into many small parts. Then just take a small part in hand and then cut the hair about 1 inch with scissors. Before cutting, the short part of the hair is twisted a little and the torn tip of the hair can be seen in front of the light. When trimmed, this torn part is removed. This way we can easily trim our hair at home.

Thick black long hair covers a large part of the beauty of girls. The value of long hair will never be lost. There are still will be in the future. Hair growth is slow, so those who like long hair do not like to shorten it. But the rules say the opposite. According to beauty experts, haircuts are actually necessary for hair growth. Otherwise, the problem of split ends and rough hair cannot be avoided at all. If the hair is not cut in time, there will be problems in hair growth. As a result it is especially needed in hair care. However, it is not necessary to cut the hair if it is long. Hair needs to be shortened for various reasons. Many people think that they need to cut their hair every three months. But everyone’s hair type is different. So this rule is not the same for everyone. However, if you see a few special signs, it is clear that it is time to cut hair.

Now find out which hair problems need to be minimized:

  • The biggest symptom is split ends. If the tip of the hair is cracked or the knot falls off, you will understand that the health of the hair is not good at all. This time you need to run scissors in your hair.
  • If the health of the hair is bad, bunches of hair will also fall. It can also happen while shampooing or opening hair clips. This tendency to fallen hair is very unhealthy. To avoid this, you must cut your hair.
  • Everyone’s hair has a certain shape. But the shape of this hair does not stay the same all the time. As the days go by, the shape of the haircut starts to deteriorate. The result is not good to see. These signs indicate that the hair should be cut.
  • If the hair is not cut for a long time, the hair becomes tangled. No matter how much you try to keep your hair tidy, your hair will stay tangled. It is so tangled that waking up and combing one’s hair becomes painful. In this case, the hair should be cut.
  • If you do not cut your hair for many days, the tip of your hair becomes thin. If it is like this, it will not look good at all. In this case, the solution is to cut a few inches from the tip of the hair

How often you should cut hair :

More hair loss than usual:

Hair loss during bathing, just hair rising on a pillow or in a comb? Then it is time to cut your hair. Cut her hair and start caring for her properly.

Loss of shape:

As the hair grows, it loses its shape, for example, ‘layer cut’ hair grows bigger and becomes wavy like a Christmas tree. Just then you need to cut your hair with a new style. In this way you can remove the lifelessness of split ends and hair.

Excessive split ends of hair:

If excessive split ends are seen, then it is time to cut the hair. Hold the ends of the hair with your fingers and see what it looks like. If it looks good then just cut the cracked hair.

Even then, if the hair looks unkempt, the hair must be cut.

Inanimate hair:

If the hair loses its density and becomes lifeless, then the hair should be revived with a new ‘hair cut’.

Easy to tangle:

If you can understand when it is tangled, then it is time to cut the hair. As the hair grows, it also tends to get tangled. Tangling is a troublesome process, and excessive stretching is detrimental to the hair follicles. And the hair is broken.

A few other things

Along with haircuts there are a few more methods that improve the health of our hair.

Let’s shed some light on that.

  • Hair should be shampooed 3 times a week. Shampooing cleanses the scalp and makes our hair brighter and healthier.
  • Applying hair conditioner or moisturizer after shampooing is also very beneficial.
  • Harmful chemicals should not be used on hair as much as possible. We often use different chemicals to style our hair differently. These chemicals cause severe damage to our hair and one way to avoid this damage is to cut our hair regularly.
  • Lack of nutritious food. But it is very important for us to eat nutritious and vitamin rich food for hair nutrition.

Regular haircuts are very important and useful for improving the health of our hair. We need regular haircuts to get our hair back to its old shine. So if you want to get good hair, it is very important to give hair oil and cut the hair every 2 months with the rest of the hair care.



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