Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Healthy Meal Plan For Loss Weight

Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Health conscious people do not do anything to lose excess body weight. One of the ways to control your diet is to eat moderately nutritious food. Weight loss diet is very effective to get rid of excess body weight. However, the diet should be in accordance with the rules, knowingly according to the advice of nutritionists. Otherwise, just as the desired benefits will not be obtained, you may fall ill while trying to lose weight.

First of all, you have to remember that diet does not mean not eating. Diet means eating a balanced diet in moderation. If you do not take the right amount of nutritious food in the diet or just eat less, it will affect the body. If you need to lose weight or want to maintain a certain weight, you must create a diet chart according to age, weight, height and how much weight to lose.

Many of us are suffering from weight problems. But do not understand how to lose excess body weight. In fact, many people do not have a good idea about how to lose weight by dieting. In general, those who are thinking of losing weight through diet can choose some of the tips in this article. This can reduce your excess body weight.

But one thing we need to know before we gain weight. So let’s first know why our body weight gain or obesity are the reasons?

The reason for gaining weight :

  • Overeating is one of the main causes of weight gain. Eat according to the rules from now on. This will reduce your excess weight.
  • You are not hungry but if you see good food, you want to eat and eat. As a result, you are getting fat by accumulating body fat.
  • Another major problem is weight gain. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. So try to work hard.
  • Hereditary causes are a common cause of obesity. Many people have a tendency to become obese due to heredity. When food is low in our stomach, genes double the storage of fat in the body. As a result, eating more food and losing less energy leads to weight gain

For good health and fit body, you need physical activities (especially exercise). It is possible to keep the body strong and healthy with regular exercise. Just like if you want to lose weight. Then you need to keep a proper diet chart with your bodybuilder. You need to follow the diet chart regularly with exercise to lose weight. But the weight loss diet chart must be nutritious.

Weight loss will be followed by calcium and iron deficiency. In this case, eggs and liver will meet the demand for iron. Try to eat unsalted food. In this case, there is no need to measure the food. Just do a rough calculation.

Soft drinks like soft drinks, Coca-Cola, Fanta etc., all kinds of sweets, oil fried foods, fatty meats, oily fish, nuts, dried fruits, ghee, butter, cream etc. should be avoided. Carbohydrates and fats are the main sources of calories in the national diet. An obese person loses weight very fast on a high fat low calorie diet.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness, as well as changes in your diet.

Morning: Tea or coffee without milk, two loaves of bread, one bowl of cooked vegetables, one bowl of raw cucumber. Cucumber works like magic to lose weight.

Midday: The white part of an egg and the sour fruit.

Noon: 50-60 grams of rice. One bowl of fish or chicken broth. One bowl of vegetables and herbs, cucumber salad, one bowl of pulses and 250 grams of sour yogurt.

Afternoon: Two or one bowl of tea or coffee without milk, muri or biscuits.

Night: Two loaves of flour, a bowl of green curry, a bowl of pulses, a bowl of salad with yogurt.

Table of Contents

1. Weight loss diet chart

2. Benefits of diet chart for weight loss

A Healthy Perfect Diet Chart Diet chart will help you lose 90 percent of your weight. A lot of times we don’t understand what kind of food list should be for weight loss. So here is the search for weight loss diet chart.

Meal plans for weight loss :

Breakfast (6.00 – 6.30)

Get in the habit of getting up in the morning to exercise. Exercise will not only help you shed fat but will also enable you to stay active at work every day.
After exercise, mix 1 cup of hot water with lemon juice and drink it. Tea or greens without sugar, except 15 minutes, with fiber biscuits (cream cracker is better to play).

Breakfast (8.30 – 9.30)

Try to have breakfast between 6.30 and 9.30 in the morning. In the morning, put 2 loaves of bread, a bowl of vegetables and a boiled egg white on the weight loss diet chart.

Morning (11.00 – 11.30)

Eat fresh fruits (such as apples or oranges) with some calcium and vitamins before lunch.

Lunch (1.00 – 2.00)

At noon 1 cup of rice, 2 loaves of bread, 1 bowl of pulses and 1 bowl of green vegetables with 1 piece of fish. Eat chicken 2 days a week. yogurt and cucumber at the end of the meal.
Vegetables like cabbage, bean, patal, carrot, uchche, cauliflower, spinach, mustard, carrot, tomato etc. are beneficial for weight loss.

Snacks 1(4.00 – 4.30)

Something should be eaten in the afternoon exactly 2 hours after lunch. Biscuits without sweets with a cup of green tea.

Snacks 2 (6.00 pm)

In the evening you can eat some fruits or nuts. But not heavy food at all.

Dinner (8.00 – 8.30)

Dinner should not be more than 8.30. A cup of vegetable or chicken soup with 1 cup of rice or 2 loaves of bread at night. Do not forget to eat cucumber at the end of the meal.

Summary:Weight loss diet chart needs to focus on vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, beverages without sweets.

Benefits of diet chart for weight loss:

The most important benefit of following a food list is to achieve your goals. It helps you focus on your goals and helps you lose weight slowly. A diet chart controls what you need to eat and how much you need to eat.

Maintains nutritional balance :

A diet chart meets the body’s nutritional needs and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Since unhealthy foods are missing from the diet chart, you can get a little healthier lifestyle. It will also help in developing regular eating habits as well as staying healthy and avoiding health problems.

Balance Diet:

Diet charts will help you create a balanced diet plan. Which will include 6 important nutrients. Such as – fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber.

Hopefully, you have a sort of weight loss diet chart. If you follow this diet chart, you will get results in 1 month.

Protein intake : If you take one gram of protein daily, there is no lack of protein in the body. A person weighing 80 kg is better off with 60 grams of protein in his diet. Weight should be measured one day per month, the rate of weight gain should be more or less. Weight gain is a sign of illness. Fat, belly fat or excess weight are not signs of good health. Instead, always remember that it is the cause of various diseases and be health conscious.

Fat intake : How to make the most out of your low-carb diet. Calories are made up of 40% fat and 35% protein. The rest comes from carbohydrates. You should not compromise on your calorie intake in any diet. For ideal and effective weight loss, you should eat 1500 calories per day. Of this, 600 calories should come from fatty ingredients. From now on 1 gram of fat is equal to 9 calories, so 8 grams of fat per day is required.

A good rule of thumb is that your fat intake should be 0.4 to 0.5 grams per pound of your desired weight.

10 Diet Control Tips :

The natural way to lose weight is to follow a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber, which does no harm to our body. This type of food contains moderate amount of protein and low amount of fat. So you can lose excess body weight very quickly.

1. Eat less food, but do not fast:

Usually when it comes to diet control, it is seen that many people first reduce their food massively. This destroys the normal functioning of the body’s digestive system. Eating less than 1,000 calories a day usually helps your body store food and slows down the digestive system. As a result, it is seen that if you reduce your diet, you may lose some weight at first. But then if you start consuming more calories again, you will gain weight again. Rather, you can eat a low-calorie, healthy diet to keep yourself alive. So try to eat less food but do not go fasting.

2. Exercise:

Usually the easiest solution for the health of those who do not want to control their diet or want to keep their body healthy even after eating is to exercise more. By doing this you have to do a lot of physical work to burn the calories that go into your body with food. You eat a lot of food but physical activity will not make you gain weight but will keep you healthier.

3. Try to eat the right foods:

It is very important to eat foods rich in nutrients that are necessary for your digestive system to function properly. That’s why you should eat more protein and calcium rich foods from now on. This builds muscle in your protein; And helps to burn muscle fat faster. Calcium is also very effective in burning our belly fat. So try to eat the food properly.

4. If you are hungry at an inopportune time:

You are on a diet but even after that it is seen that you feel hungry after some time so you can have a light breakfast. Again, if you are very hungry between lunch and dinner, eat dry bread or toast biscuits. You can eat fruits, vegetables or a bowl of mudri. These foods are very helpful for your diet. Eat less carbohydrate-rich foods at night.

5. Exercise at home:

You can do some free-hand exercises at home if you want. It takes very little of your time. This will keep you fit and will not accumulate excess fat in your body. As long as you stay at home, do not lie down or walk. If you have an elevator in your house, go up and down the stairs. You can help with household chores. It will take some work, but your body weight will gradually decrease.

6 . Drink plenty of water:

In addition to your balanced diet, you also need to drink plenty of water, as water plays the most important role in keeping your body healthy and fresh. Cold water usually changes the internal temperature of our body. As a result, when the body becomes more active in increasing the internal temperature, the activity of the digestive system also increases many times. As a result, our body burns excess fat to produce energy and keeps the body healthy.

7 . Drink green tea:

Drink green tea if you have tea during your diet. Tea increases our energy and helps to keep the mind cheerful. So if you want to have tea, make a cup of green tea. Because green tea is especially helpful in reducing our body weight. When you are on a diet, you can choose green tea instead of ordinary tea.

8 . Avoid unhealthy foods:

From now on, eliminate excessive fats, salt, sweets and fried foods completely. Fast food is not desirable for your healthy body. This is because fast food or oil-fried foods impair digestion and increase our body’s disease capacity and weight gain. So if you want to diet, you have to give up unhealthy foods first. Not only this, make it a habit to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, excluding foods that are available in fast food shops and factory-made foods.

9. Change the type of exercise:

If you do the same exercise every day in the same routine, your digestive system will also fall into infertility. It can also lead to boredom. As a result, when doing a particular type of exercise, make a difference from time to time, it will feel good. For example, if you are accustomed to walking every morning to lose weight or to diet, try to run for one minute every five minutes. For this you should exercise at least five days a week, and if possible 30 to 60 minutes every day. Exercise will eliminate excess fat from your body and reduce weight.

10. Try to sleep on time:

Sleep is a very important element for our healthy body. If you can’t sleep well, you can’t concentrate on work. Not getting enough sleep damages every aspect of our physical and mental situation. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. It is seen that the process of digestion of food is easily disrupted when sleep is disturbed. Although it is said that we need at least 8 hours of sleep per night to keep our digestive system active, the digestive system works best with 9 hours of sleep. So when you diet, try to get regular and adequate sleep. This will keep both your body and mind well.

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