Eye makeup tutorial for beginners step by step

Eye makeup for beginners

Eye makeup tutorial for beginners step by step

Whenever I sit down to do makeup, one thing I always make sure is that the eye makeup is right.  In fact, the eye is a part of the makeup that can be a little wrong with the whole outfit can be dust.  A lot of times it happens that the eyeliner of the two eyes became twofold. Again, there are many people who do not do makeup according to the shape of their eyes.  Follow fashion trends like a blind man.  But it does not look good at all.  And your look depends a lot on eye makeup.  So it is very important to be perfect eye makeup.  Hey there is nothing to be so tense.  You do not have to be a professional makeup artist to get the perfect eye makeup.  If you keep a few small things in mind, you too can do great eye makeup.

You need to keep an eye on the makeup.  If the eye makeup is appropriate, the pale colored sari should also shine.  Our today’s event is with several outfits for the eyes and this is the first episode of this event.

Before going into the episode we can get acquainted with several brushes which will help us to understand the technique of dressing later.

Before going into the episode we can get acquainted with several brushes which will help us to understand the technique of dressing later.

1. Thin brush:

This is the primary brush used in eye makeup. With this type of thin brush you can start small parts of makeup. Such as painting or bordering a particular part first.

2. Flat brush:

This type of brush is a little flat, so you can easily arrange the eyes across a little more parts. This type of brush is used to apply makeup on the middle part of the eyelids.

3.Blending brush:

It is used at the very end. You can give a finishing touch with the blending brush when you are done. Blending brushes are used to blend the scattered colors, blend more or les.

Sit down with these things before applying eye makeup:
Sit down with these things before applying eye makeup

a. Mascara.
b. Eye shadow plate.
c. Kajal.
d. Eye liner.
e. Eye brush.
f. Make up primer.
g. Shimmer.
h. Face powder. 

What do you need?

There are some things you need to have when it comes to eye makeup. These are mascara, eye shadow plate, kajal, eye liner, eye brush, make up primer, shimmer, face powder. The diameter is enough to have these things.

The first step

First wash your face well and apply makeup primer on your face and eyes. Mix well. Apply well under the eyes. So that if there is a Drake circle under the eyes, it is covered. However, you can also use under eye cream.

The second step

Once the make-up primer has been applied, apply paper tape from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eyebrow (where the eyebrow ends). Lake in the corner of both eyes. Now apply eye shadow of brown or matte black color to match the color of your dress and skin tone. Apply light brown eye shadow on the top of the eyes and blend well. The better you blend, the more beautiful it will look.

The third step

Once the eye shadow is applied, it is time to apply the liner. In this case you can also use a pencil liner. Apply the liner to where you applied the paper tape. Now apply Kajal lightly on the lower part of the eye. Now you can apply shimmer lightly from the corner of the eye to the middle.

The fourth step

Now it’s your turn to apply mascara. Before that, gently remove the paper tape from the side of the eye. Apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelids. Apply face powder on the lower part of the eyes and blend well so that the mascara and mascara of your eyes do not get smudged.

Diameter, your eye makeup is complete. This makeup on your eyes will change your whole look. Now just waiting to go out after the dress or sari of your choice. No one can stop you from being the best beauty in the eyes of your loved one as well as being the best beauty .

How to choose eye shadow according to your skin tone :

How to choose eye shadow according to your skin toneAn important part of eye makeup, applying the right eye shadow. Many times when we go to match the eye shadow with the dress, we apply the eye shadow in a completely different shade from our skintone which destroys our whole makeup. That’s why whenever you apply eye shadow, keep in mind your skin tone. If your skin tone is a little dusky then you can apply shades like Gold, Copper, Burgundy, Brown. It’s best to avoid eye shadows in magenta, blue, green or neon colors, as these can make your eyes look too highlighted and will not match your skin tone. However, if you are very fair, you can easily apply this type of shade.

Different Style Of Eyeliner :

Different Style Of EyelinerWhat do you say to make beautiful eyes more beautiful? Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. There are many styles for applying eyeliner, not just one or two. There is no need to be stuck in just Wing and Cat Eye. Double wing eyeliner style, glitter eyeliner style, smoky eyeliner style, poppy eye eyeliner style, thin eye eyeliner style, half circle eyeliner style – there are many more styles you can do effortlessly. Do different styles for different occasions with eyeliner and keep getting compliments on compliments!

Some Smart Tricks to Applying Mascara :

Some Smart Tricks to Applying MascaraEye makeup is done, eye shadow is applied, eyeliner is also applied, mascara is left. What a beautiful sight to have long, long eyelids! But many people do not have the right idea about the rules of applying mascara. Curl your eyelashes a little before applying mascara with eyelash curler. If you use fake eyelashes, then you have to curl. It will make your eyelids rise upwards. Apply mascara starting from the eyelashes to the top, it will make the eyelids look longer.

Eye makeup is rubbed again and again? 5 tips to hold it :

Anytime you put on makeup, it is completed with beautiful eye makeup. If not, not at all. But nowadays, apart from Kajal eyeliner, the combination of lipstick with eyes is also taking place. Many people who love to make up their eyes completely, or when the eye makeup is done in a complete way, many people are sad that there are no more moments in the eyes. Everything falls down for a while and accumulates under the eyes. If so, what is the meaning of the outfit?

In that case, the outfit is really ruined, so the picture comes bad, and it doesn’t look good. However, many people have the question of how to keep an eye eyeliner for a long time. Here are some tips for that people

1. Waterproof material :

First of all waterproof eyeliner, mascara and kajal can be used. In that case, experts believe, any type of waterproof gel liner or liquid liner lasts much longer than ordinary eyeliner. Can’t be bothered. It is also easy to use without it.

2. Oily feeling :

One of the biggest problems with applying makeup and applying it to the face and finally keeping it on the face for a long time is oily skin. That means oily face. People with oily skin have this problem very much. Because it is repeated over and over again. The same problem is with eye makeup. Kajal, eyeliner also snuggled. So those who have this problem i.e. oily face can use light setting powder while applying makeup. Applying makeup with this setting powder will not ruin the oil and facial makeup. Eye makeup, ie kajal, eyeliner will not spread or get up.

3. Use primer :

Primers are now available for use before applying makeup. Even if you use it, the makeup doesn’t go away. A good primer should be used before applying eyeliner and kajal. Then apply Kajal eyeliner and it will last for a long time. Getting rid of clutter can be a daunting task.

4. Matt Foundation :

The next step is the Matt Foundation. After applying the primer, a small amount of matte foundation should be applied on the upper eyelids. The specialty of this matte foundation is that it fits very well on the skin. It blends well. As a result, after applying Kajal and eyeliner, it also sits well on the eyes. As a result, the risk of getting lighter, getting up or squatting is greatly reduced.

5.Translucent powder :

For those who have problems with eye makeup, they can use translucent powder after applying eye makeup. The best way to ensure that the eyeliner does not get up or down is to use this translucent powder. How to apply this powder? When the eye makeup is done, apply a small amount of translucent powder on the eye shadow and apply it lightly on the eye makeup. No more worries after that. Kajal eyeliner will be fine all day.



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