8 best natural oils for glowing and healthy skin

8 best natural oils for glowing and healthy skin

8 best natural oils for glowing and healthy skin

From ancient times the use of various oils for beauty and beauty has been practiced. Different types of oil have different properties. This type of oil mixes very quickly inside the skin cells and removes the roughness from the inside. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

The oil is quite beneficial for the hair as well as the skin. The best time to use these oils is at night. However, it is better to use the oil according to the skin type. Although the oil does not have much of a side effect. And it’s very good if you don’t buy it and make your own oil. ‘

Natural oils are beneficial for the skin. It protects the skin as well as provides nutrition and keeps the skin healthy and radiant. There are many natural oils that keep the skin youthful with regular use.

8 best natural oils for skin :

Find out what are the benefits of this type of oil and the effectiveness of these oils in skin care-

1. Olive oil

Olive oil contains vitamins A, E and antioxidants that keep the skin fresh. Olive oil also acts as a skin moisturizer. Apply a little olive oil on the cotton and apply it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then soak a towel in lukewarm water and wipe your face with it. Now wipe your face with a dry towel. After taking a bath every day, mix olive oil with a little water and massage it all over the body. You will see that the fatigue of the body will go away and your body will remain wet throughout the night. Wrinkles often appear on the skin with age. Light folds appear on the forehead, sides of the eyes and under the skin. If you massage the skin well with olive oil every day, wrinkles will not fall easily.

How to do work?

  • When applying makeup on dry skin, apply 1/2 drop of olive oil on the face before using the foundation. The makeup will sit well and the skin will look brighter after the makeup.
  • Olive oil works well when it comes to makeup. If you massage the whole face lightly with cotton, the makeup will come off very easily.
  • Massage a drop of olive oil on the lips daily with your fingers to get rid of dryness of the lips and those who have dark circles on the lips will gradually get rid of the dark circles.
  • It works as a good scrubber when massaged with olive oil mixed with sugar or salt.
  • Massage olive oil on hands and feet daily before going to bed. This will remove cracks and keep the hands and feet soft and fresh.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil acts as a bleach and cleanser on the skin. Regular use of coconut oil will eliminate the problem of bruises on the skin and the spots and wounds of bruises will fade. Coconut oil is very important to make the skin supple and coconut oil is also very useful in solving the problem of rash. If there are black spots on the skin, regular massage with coconut oil on those areas will lighten the spots.

How to do work?

  • Coconut oil acts as a natural under eye cream. Mix vitamin E capsules with coconut oil and keep it in the fridge and apply it under the eyes every night before going to bed to get rid of dark spots.
  • You can use coconut oil to restore the beauty of chapped skin.
  • Regular massage with coconut oil removes dehydration of the skin.
  • Coconut oil is also very beneficial in maintaining skin moisture.
  • Coconut oil removes the impression of age on the face.

3. Sesame oil

Many people get wrinkles on their skin before they get older due to not taking care of them. Sesame oil helps prevent age wrinkles on the skin. Massaging sesame oil every day will increase blood flow to the face and make the skin healthier. Sesame oil removes dead skin and keeps the skin fresh. In addition, sesame oil also removes skin burns.

How to do work ?

  • The skin is cleansed from the inside by massaging the skin with sesame oil before going to bed at night.

4. Almond Oil

Almond oil is very useful for skin . This oil is high in omega-9 fatty acids and essential omega-6 fatty acids. So this oil is more effective in skin health and radiance. With daily use, the appearance of age is not affected and wrinkles are removed.

How to do work?

  • Applying almond oil on the skin before going to bed at night increases the radiance of the skin and restores the lost radiance.
  • This oil helps to go deep into the skin and provide nutrition.
  • Those with oily skin will use less of this oil.
  • Almond oil retains moisture on dry skin. This oil lightens dark spots or dark circles under the eyes.

5. Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil does not have an oily feeling. And using this oil, the skin is soft and smooth. This oil is suitable for all skin types. The use of this oil in the bath water eliminates the feeling of fatigue throughout the day.

How to do work?

  • Sunflower oil helps to remove brown spots.
  • Daily use of this oil reduces sunburn.
  • Maintains moisture on dry skin.
  • Does not allow the skin to read age marks and wrinkles easily.

6. Argan oil

This light golden oil is incredibly beneficial for all skin types! There is no pair of argan oil to lighten dark spots, scars and brighten skin tone. This oil is not sticky at all and absorbs into the skin very quickly.

How to do work ?

  • This oil retains skin moisture. Its Vitamin ‘E’ and ‘A’ ingredients protect the skin from damage. Organ oil also helps to remove wrinkles on the skin.

7. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E capsules or oils are rich in antioxidants. Apart from that, because it is vitamin E, it has innate qualities. Which helps to bring back the life of the skin and hair. There is also the ability to solve many more problems.

How to do work ?

  • To maintain the radiance and health of the skin.
  • To regenerate damaged skin tissues.
  • To remove burns, pox spots and black spots or blemishes for bronchitis.
  • To remove dark spots or blemishes on the skin.
  • To bring shine to dry skin.
  • To remove black spots or black circles under the eyes.
  • To clean the black skin accumulated in the groin of the neck and waist or to remove black spots.

8. Essential oil

Essential oils contain antioxidants, which are also anti-fungal. It is also very effective in reducing inflammation. However, it must be mixed with any carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Now find out what works in any essential oil.

How to do work?

  • Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is ideal for those who have a lot of acne on their skin. Whenever acne comes out, mix five drops of tea tree oil and one teaspoon of honey well and apply it on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes and apply oilless moisturizer. It can be used once a day.

  • Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is very effective in enhancing the radiance of the skin. Mix 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel and four to five drops of lavender oil together and apply on the body. Rinse after 20 minutes.

  • Lemon Oil:

Great for preventing skin aging. Mix 20 drops of lemon oil with half a cup of coconut oil. After bathing at night, use it all over the body before going to bed. But it can not be planted in the morning at all.

  • Sandalwood oil:

Very effective in curing skin infections. Mix 20 drops of sandalwood oil with half a cup of almond oil and apply on the face. Rash, acne, boils will heal instantly.

  • Rosehip Essential Oil:

Its antioxidants and essential fatty acids help in skin regeneration and reduce wrinkles. If you use aloe vera gel and rosehip essential oil in the ratio of 3: 1, you can clearly understand the radiance of the skin.


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