15 foods you should eat for stronger and healthy nails

15 foods you should eat for stronger and healthy nails

15 foods you should eat for stronger and healthy nails

Do your nails break? The edges are thick, uneven and yellow? If the answer is yes then you need to look at the health of your nails now.

Many people take care of their nails with manicure or pedicure. But like the care of hands and feet, the health of nails is also very important. The place where the nail originates is called the nail plate. After a few millimeters increase after the nail plate, a part is visible on the surface of the fingertips. It takes about 9 months for a full nail to grow. If your health is in a harmful condition, it is manifested in the nails.

Pale nails with vertical prints indicate that the use of excess detergent is causing anemia or extreme dryness in your nails. Blue nails mean you have insufficient circulation and lack of oxygen. If your nails are thin and brittle, then you must be deficient in vitamins, minerals and protein.

To get rid of this condition you need to take the necessary calcium, gelatin and vitamin B complex. Vitamin D will eliminate the vertical impression of nails. Folic acid and vitamin C will eliminate the fragile condition of nails. If cracks appear on the skin next to the nails, you can drink a mixture of cider vinegar to remove it. In addition, you can apply lemon juice on the affected area every day. Never pull on the skin of the nail or the thread-like part that separates it from the nail. Because it will damage the area.

Nail care should include in the daily diet chicken, fatty foods like fish. These will provide the necessary protein for your nails. In addition, a lot of green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage should be eaten. These will provide the iron, folate and calcium needed to strengthen weak nails. Nutritious foods like blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, seeds are also important in nail care.

In addition, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots will provide the necessary nutrients for your nails. You can include nuts and seeds in your food list.

Many people do not pay attention to the nails, do not even think about its care. From typing to opening a bottle, many people use nails for various purposes. But many nails are so soft that they break with a little pressure. Experts believe that softening of the nails is a sign of illness. Many people do not worry about nail health. But there are some foods, which, when eaten regularly, lead to stronger nails. Learn about some of these foods:

15 foods you should eat for healthy , stronger nails :

1. Fruits

Fruits like bananas and strawberries are very beneficial for nails. To maintain good nail health, you should eat fruits rich in vitamin C. Strawberries, like blueberries, produce vitamin C, which produces collagen. This makes the nails naturally stronger.

2. Water

Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day eliminates dehydration. It removes the dullness of the nails and prevents the weakness of the nails.

3. Green vegetables

Spinach, broccoli and cabbage should be eaten in large quantities. It contains iron, folate and calcium, which promotes nail growth and strengthens nails.

4. Milk

Health experts say that the calcium and vitamin D in milk are very beneficial for nail growth. It has an important role in strengthening the nails.

5. Eggs

People who eat eggs regularly have less nail problems. The biotin in eggs is an effective ingredient for nail growth. It increases the thickness of nails and reduces nail breakage.

Eggs are a very good food to brighten the nails. It is rich in high protein. There are Vitamin D, B Twelve and Biotin. That is why eggs can be called the ideal food for nails.

6. Beans

Experts recommend eating beans and pulses for those who like vegetables. It contains biotin, which can be called the powerhouse of nail health.

Sweet potatoes and tomatoes
Sweet potatoes have vitamin A and tomatoes have vitamin C. So eating potatoes and tomatoes can provide the necessary antioxidants, which are essential for nail protection.

7. Nuts

Inadequate magnesium in the body can be another reason for broken nails. Nutritionists therefore recommend eating nuts regularly. It contains protein, copper and magnesium, which strengthen nails and bones.

8. Peas

One of the best sources of biotin, which is one of the most important nutrients. If you eat enough peas, your nails will be 25 percent stronger than before.

Tip: Mixing peas with soup is most beneficial.

9. Oats

Not only does it work to beautify the human body but it also helps to keep nails strong and healthy. The nutrients in it – copper and zinc help keep bones healthy and grow.

Tip: Eat a bowl of oats mixed with fresh fruit early in the morning. It will keep the body healthy as well as the nails will be good.

10. Sunflower seeds

If the moon-shaped part of the nails appears, it should be understood that there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body. Eat sunflower seeds as a snack to avoid this problem. It is a good source of nutrition. Contains Vitamin B-6, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium. Which protects against nail breakage and weak nail problems.

Tip: You can use fried sunflower seeds as a topping in salads.

11. Salmon

This fish is nutritious in many ways. It is light, healthy and rich in micro nutrients such as Vitamin D, Protein, Biotin, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin B-Six, B-One and Omega-3 fatty acids. These help to keep the nails healthy and beautiful.

Tip: Although nutritious, this fish can cause acidity problems. In order to prevent this problem, you need to eat in moderation.

12. Banana

Bananas contain vitamin B6, silica and zinc. It helps to make nails shiny and smooth.

13. Carrots

Carrots contain vitamin A. It makes nails shiny and helps maintain good nail health.

14. Broccoli

Broccoli contains a high amount of iron. This helps to transport oxygen better. So you can put broccoli on the food list to keep your nails healthy.

15. Oyster

Zinc is very important to strengthen nails Each serving of oysters contains about 64 grams of zinc However, oysters are not found everywhere Then eat other foods that are high in zinc such as lamb, cocoa powder, kabali gram, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, yogurt, mushrooms, spinach.



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