10 Worst Foods That Can Cause Acne

10 Worst Foods That Can Cause Acne

10 Worst Foods That Can Cause Acne

It is very difficult to find people who do not suffer from acne. Acne mainly affects people in their late teens and early twenties. Even then, many people have problems with acne, black heads, etc.
Acne caused by various physical problems, lack of nutritious food, hormonal problems, etc.

This article gives various causes and solutions for acne.

Causes of acne :

  • Many people blame ‘hormonal imbalance’ in the body for causing acne. Again many times various medications such as antibiotics, steroids or excessive amounts of vitamin-B may be responsible.
  • Acne can also be caused by the use of various cosmetics. But the most important thing is that eating habits are also the cause of acne.
  • Just as food helps to keep our body healthy and functional, so is proper and nutritious food to keep our skin beautiful and acne-free.

What kind of eating habits should be developed for acne free and beautiful skin :

  • Some foods have different effects on different people. Especially nuts, dairy foods, soft drinks and caffeine cause different reactions. In many cases, eating this type of food causes acne on the skin. So you need to be aware of which foods are harmful to your skin.
  • Caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates should be reduced. These foods increase the amount of certain hormones in the body that make the skin oily. And oily skin is more likely to get acne.
  • Make a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Fruits like carrots, apples, ginger, cucumbers, strawberries etc. help to keep the skin beautiful.
  • Anti-oxidant rich foods should be included in the daily food list. Because this ingredient helps to keep the skin beautiful. In addition, carrots, fish, avocado, pomegranate, etc. should be eaten weekly. In other words, foods rich in beta carotene, fatty acids, vitamin E, etc. should be included in the regular diet.
  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables should be included in the regular food list. Moreover, eating red-flour bread instead of refined flour is more beneficial for health and skin.
  • For beautiful and smooth skin, oily foods, extra sweet foods, alcohol and caffeine rich foods should be avoided.
  • Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to remove toxins and chemicals accumulated in the body.
  • Healthy eating habits must be developed. Oatmeal, rice, fruits should be eaten regularly. Fried foods, extra spicy foods, extra salt as needed should be avoided.
  • Aloe vera or aloe vera gel is beneficial for skin and hair. This gel can also be drunk according to the rules.
  • Before going to sleep, half a tea-spoon of amalakigura mixed with water to drink the benefits can be found.
  • Drink coriander-cumin-fennel drink after eating three meals a day. To make it, take 1/3 teaspoon of each of these three herbs and boil it in hot water for 10 minutes. If it boils well, you have to drink it with a sieve.

10 foods that can causes acne :

1. Sugar:

Eating too much sugar naturally raises blood sugar levels. And as you all know, as soon as the sugar level in the body increases, it starts to have an effect on the skin. The result is a gradual skin break. At that point, the germs spread to such an extent that not only acne, but also all other skin diseases became more prevalent. So you need to eat as little sugar as possible to maintain the beauty of the skin.

2. Cow’s milk:

After several studies in this regard in 2010, it has become clear that cow’s milk has a direct relationship with the growth and reduction of this particular skin problem. According to a group of researchers, eating cow’s milk only starts to raise blood sugar levels. At the same time insulin levels also increase. As a result, the level of inflammation inside the body increases so much that the number of acne starts to increase by leaps and bounds. So those who suffer from acne should avoid drinking cow’s milk. You will notice the results in a few days.

3. Don’t eat high glycemic foods:

There is a measure called glycemic index. The character of each dish is determined according to these criteria. Eating foods that are usually at the very top of the glycemic index usually raises blood sugar levels. And the opposite happens when you eat foods that are at the very bottom of the glycemic index. That’s why, according to dermatologists, high glycemic index foods like white bread, chocolate, cornflakes, rice, chips, cookies and cakes can increase the level of inflammation in the body if eaten regularly. With that, the secretion of hormones may not be the same. As a result, problems like acne naturally arise.

4. Fried foods:

Multiple studies have shown that eating too much fried foods increases the risk of inflammation, as well as hormonal imbalance. And as you all know, if this happens inside the body, the risk of skin diseases like acne naturally increases.

There is nothing new to say. Oily fried foods are one of the causes of eczema. Especially processed oily foods are capable of defeating. The luster of the skin is lost. There is even a risk of infection.

5. Milk and dairy foods :

Milk is not being called unhealthy food at all here. Milk is a very nutritious food for the human body and smooth smooth process. Excess milk produces a lot of insulin. It is also said to be the mastermind behind the loss of the body’s insulin balance. This delicate liquid and the food made from it increases the concentration of hormones.

And acne has a direct relationship with hormones. So if you want to stay ekni free milk and dairy foods should be eaten in moderation.

6. The bread :

Bread is used to make many more dishes including breakfast in the morning. But gluten in bread not only damages the small intestine, it also increases inflammation in the body. Playing too much depletes antioxidants. If bread is a companion to your breakfast table every day, then stop. You will see that the problem of acne has decreased a lot.

7. Spinach :

A very nutritious vegetable in all respects. Beauty experts also say to eat spinach for healthy and fresh skin. But many dermatologists have warned about this. Spinach is rich in iodine. This substance becomes harmful to the skin when played excessively. Acne will fill the face.

8. Chocolate :

Some short studies have shown that people who eat more chocolate are more likely to get acne. But it is not clear why this is so. One study found that the main ingredient in chocolate is not curly. But if you want to control acne, low sugar and milk dark chocolate will be the best.

9. Alcohol :

One of the causes of inflammation. As well as upsetting the balance of testosterone and estrogen hormones in the body. Excessive drinking will at one stage lead to zinc deficiency. And Zinc is considered a fighter against acne. So those who have a habit, they must give up alcohol.

10. Caffeine :

It loses the ability of the skin to retain water. This creates a water vacuum in the skin. The skin loses moisture; It becomes sensitive and dry. Increases the risk of acne.

Darmatologist said that mixing milk and sugar with coffee is worse, adding that mixing sugar and milk in coffee acts as a toxin. Caffeine becomes more potent. It damages the skin. This increases the tendency of acne.

## Stress hormones increase the risk of developing acne,” darmatologist said, adding that drinking coffee increases stress hormones.

The foods that get rid of acne should be eaten :

Acne can be caused by a variety of factors, including excessive anxiety, waking up at night, drinking less water, changing hormones, and eating habits. However, it is very difficult to find out the specific cause of acne. However, almost everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can have acne problems. Researchers believe that hormonal changes are the most helpful in the formation of acne. Humans are quite adept at creating high stress acne. So, one must try to stay relaxed. Otherwise the stress hormone cortisol is released after the effect on your skin.

1. Fish:

Fish is a non-vegetarian food. It contains omega-3 and omega-6. These ingredients relieve skin inflammation. Therefore, keeping fish rich in omega-3 and fatty acids in the diet will definitely reduce the inflammation of acne.

2. Beta carotene foods:

Oranges, peppers, carrots and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body. Which in turn increases the absorption of selenium in the body which is beneficial for the skin. Eat half a cup of these beta carotene or red, yellow and green vegetables.

3. Green Tea:

Many people know that green tea helps to lose weight. So many people drink it. However, the antioxidants in it are quite effective in eliminating acne. You can drink it as well as apply it on the skin. Soaking a tea bag in cold water or refrigerating it on the skin reduces the incidence of acne.

4. Nuts:

If your body is deficient in zinc and selenium, acne can be a nuisance. Add a handful of nuts to your daily diet to make up for this deficit. Moreover, nuts are also helpful in reducing weight.

5. Fruits and vegetables:

Scientists have studied teenagers in who have no problem with acne. Their diet shows that they do not eat foods made of sugar and flour and eat more fruits and vegetables.

6. Red Grapes:

Almost everyone likes red grapes. It contains a lot of antioxidants. Which reduces skin inflammation and eliminates acne.

7. Broccoli:

Broccoli contains vitamins A, B, C and E. There is no pair of it to get beautiful skin. In addition to reducing the tendency of acne, it will give you radiance.

8. Garlic:

Not to mention the health benefits of garlic. It helps to destroy the bacteria in the skin. So, you can eat one clove of raw garlic every day.

In addition to these foods, you must drink enough water. Moreover, eating watermelon, eggs, tomatoes, brown rice, avocado, etc. cures acne. You need to stop eating sugar, milk, fast food, junk food, chips, cakes, cookies and cereals to get rid of acne.

Make it a habit to get rid of acne every day :

  • There is no alternative but to wash your face with cold water to keep your face clean. Wash and clean your face at least twice a day. However, if you have acne on your face, you need to clean your face once a day. Excessive face wash dries the skin. Dry skin produces more oil. Which increases the tendency to acne.
  • Use antibiotic cream to get rid of acne. You can apply homemade cream also. However, if you use more than one cream in place of acne, there is a possibility of skin damage.
  • Refrain from applying makeup if you are acne. Acne can be more permanent if more makeup is used.
  • If you have acne, never poke it with your nails. Then the place may become stained. Avoid scratching or scratching nails.
  • Dandruff often causes acne. Keep hair clean regularly. If dandruff occurs in the hair, make arrangements to remove it.



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