10 ways to prevent kajal from smudging

10 ways to prevent kajal from smudging

10 ways to prevent kajal from smudging

Without Kajal, the eye makeup remains incomplete. But in most cases, kajal spreads after use. The main reason is the warm weather.
The idea of ​​that person is formed by seeing the eyes. So whether it is winter or summer, the eyes must be beautifully decorated. That is why there are so many descriptions of eyes in literature.

But it is not at all easy to decorate the eyeballs in summer. Because no matter how beautifully you brush your eyes in this heat, it spreads out in a short time. As a result, the blackness of the eyes spreads all over the face. So many people have to refrain from wearing kajal in this heat. But beauty should not be compromised because it is hot. So you need to know exactly how to apply kajal it will not be smudge. Kajal will remain the same for a long time.

Most of the girls in our country use Kajal almost every day. Kajal is always eye-catching. And at the same time, the beauty of a woman should be doubled. But after giving this kajal, a common problem is the spread of kajal. Everyone can hear the same complaint about Kajal. After decorating the eyes with Kajal so beautifully, if Kajal starts spreading in the eyes, then the whole outfit is ruined. When Kajal is spread, it makes the whole area around the eyes black and also brings a dark effect on your whole face. Many people hear that their kajal is spread all the time. However, kajal begins to spread in the eyes on a hot day. Because, at this time, the bottom of the eye sweats, and the whole face gets oily. For which Kajal goes to Lepte. In addition, those whose eyelids are oily or who have more eyelids when applying

Ways to prevent kajal from smudging :

But with a little practice, we can get rid of the problem of smudging kajal. Let’s not see!

1. Before applying Kajal, clean the eyes thoroughly with cold water and wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Before using Kajal, apply compact or ordinary powder well under and around the eyes. The compact or ordinary powder will absorb the oil under the eyes and stop the spread of kajal.

3. If the kajal is a little liquid or oily type, after applying the kajal, take a black eyeshadow with a matte finish with a thin eyeshadow brush. This will remove the oily feeling of kajal will be long lasting. As well as a smoky look in the eyes will make the eyes more attractive.

4. Apply Kajal lightly during the day to avoid spreading Kajal. And at night, apply dark kajal.

5. If kajal is applied on the inside of the eye, it spreads more. Therefore, when giving kajal, lighten the corners of the eyes and darken the middle part with kajal. If you don’t darken the corners of the eyes, the kajal will not spread.

6 . When applying kajal on the lower part of the eye, start applying kajal from outside the water line of the eye and then apply kajal on the inside. Otherwise, tears will come out and mixed with Kajal’s ink, Kajal will spread and the area around the eyes will turn black.

7 . After applying kajal on the outside of the eyes, apply thin eyeliner on it. There will be no possibility of spreading kajal. Use eye mascara after drying to get better results.

8 . Use good brand kajal. Buy Kajal after seeing the water proof. This kajal lasts for a long time. Before buying Kajal, notice the level applied to it. Look for “No Smudge” or “Long-lasting”. This kajal will stay in the eyes for a long time and will not spread.

9. If possible, use a primer before applying Kajal. Apply primer on the surrounding area including the eyelids and then apply Kajal. The primer basically keeps the eyelids smooth by creating a base of makeup. Kajal will sit well in the eyes and kajal will not spread.

10. Never use Kajal or eyeliner on the water line of the eyes. It can cause various infections including burns inside the eyes. Before going to bed at night, you must clean Kajal and go to sleep.

If you follow the mentioned techniques, you will avoid smudging kajal in your eyes and your eyes will also look attractive and beautiful! And there should be no compromise on eyes. So use good quality kajal.

Winter favorite for makeup lovers. No matter how you put makeup, it stays the same. There is no fear of losing makeup. And all the makeup is ruined by sweating in summer. The biggest problem is with Kajal. Kajal in the eyes and it will not spread, how is it. A very common problem in women is the spread of eye drops. Prevent Kajal from smudging with some simple techniques.

Some special tips to avoid smudging kajal :

Buy branded kajal:

Before buying kajal, take a good look at its level. Buy Kajal with the words “No smudge” or “Long-lasting”. Also use waterproof kajal. These kajals last a long time.

Use with any other product:

Kajal mixed with mascara or eyeliner is not likely to spread. However, do not apply too much. After applying Kajal, apply thin eyeliner on the outer part of the eye. When it dries, use mascara. In this way, Kajal will not spread anymore. Also apply Kajal lightly on the corners of the eyes. Bring it dark from the middle of the eye and apply it lightly in the corner. This will not spread Kajal.

Avoid using Kajal on the waterline of the eyes:

Many people use Kajal on the water line under the eyes. Do not use kajal or eyeliner on water line. It can cause itching and infection inside the eye. Don’t forget to pick up Kajal before going to bed at night. It causes black spots under the eyes.



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